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Approved Roofing Materials

Please submit a Request for Review for all roofing projects, even with pre-approved roofing materials.

Note: Residents may choose any roofer they desire to install approved roofing material.

Approving roofing materials include:

  • Composition Materials  Composition roofing materials are typically the least expensive roofing product while also providing good durability and life.  It is the most common material used for re-roofing within Tuscany.  The key drawback to composition is that it is prone to moss growth and buildup which is difficult to clean off without taking away the top layer of the composite material.  Yearly or bi-yearly spraying of an anti-moss solution is a way to extend roof life.  See approved brands and colors below.

  • Cedar Shakes  Original construction used non-treated cedar shakes.  Though all modern cedar shakes are pre-treated and last a lot longer than the original non-treated ones as well as providing very good resistance against moss and mildew.  Prices for cedar shakes varies from around the same price to 1.5x the price as composition roofing.  See your roofer for current pricing.  Thickness and grade are at the discretion of the homeowner.

  • Manufactured Tiles and Slate  Tiles and Slate always provide a wonderful look along with very long life and durability.  Though pricing for is much higher than cedar shakes or composition, in part due to the extra weight which requires a stronger base to be installed as well as the increased cost of materials.

ACC approval of these materials is for appearance and esthetics only. Quality, strength, durability, etc have not been evaluated and are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Rubber roofing products are not approved in Tuscany.

Additional brands, styles, and colors will be considered on an individual basis when requested by a homeowner.

Composition Materials

The only approved composite roofing materials are CertainTeed Presidential TL and GAF Grand Canyon or Sequoia Shingles.  See approved colors below.

 CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL in approved colors:

Aged Bark
Autumn Blend
Charcoal Black
Country Gray
Shadow Gray


GAF Grand Canyon or Sequoia Shingles.

See them here.

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